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Could Niger Delta militants visit Ghanaian communities?

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From the Accra Mail:

A respected legal practitioner and lecturer at the University of Ghana, Law Faculty, Dr. Raymond Atuguba has chillingly revealed that militants in the Niger Delta region, notorious for blowing up oil pipes, kidnapping and demanding huge ransoms and causing unrest in the oil rich Nigerian region have started tripping to Ghana in droves.

He said, when he visited the Western region a few weeks ago, he discovered that “groups there were already creating linkages with groups in the Niger Delta”. According to him, the people were “preparing to create the same amount of chaos we have in the Niger Delta if we neglect their concerns.”

Granted, the news reporting is decidedly thin (single witness, zero corroboration) and no follow-up stories have appeared about this otherwise startling development, so I’m inclined to call this a rumor. But what a rumor! It raises the question: will Ghanaian communities adjacent to oil facilities create cross-national links with similarly-sited Nigerian communities? This is either a vicious rumor or a fantastic story, and someone ought to look into it. Anyone on the ground in coastal Western Ghana care to chime in?

(hat tip to Ghanalinx)


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3 December 2009 at 9:38 pm

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